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Most professional corporate event planner in Mumbai

I always wanted to write about indoor and outdoor Mumbai corporate event management companies picks. River Runner: A business exercise that takes you on an incredible commercial run. Each team operates as a rafting company that embarks on one of the largest rivers in the world. Board your team! A team building activity can have a very strong impact on participants, from increasing productivity, creating a connection and removing barriers between participants to energizing and entertaining teams.

Street Food Festival: Summer has been full of outdoor festivals and events. How about organizing your own festival now? From burgers, to pancakes or lemonade, participants will work in teams to create the hottest stand in the company festival! Read extra info on Corporate outing Mumbai.

Most events require a budget, and each expenditure needs to add value in some way. This is where you should be able to demonstrate the return from your company’s investment. Perhaps your awe-inspiring sculpture in the centre of the exhibition hall will act both as a symbol of the event’s spirit and as a central meeting point? This will make it easier for people to connect and do business at your event. Always addressing ROI will demonstrate your respect for the budget. Create a budget tracking sheet which sets out, in detail, your budget for each area and what you predict you’ll spend. You can also check supplier payment terms and look for discounts which can be noted within this sheet.

Team outdoor events provide a top opportunity for the team to relax. A fantastic place for adventure, relaxation and team building exercises. They provide Paragliding packages complete with certified instructors and modern equipment. You can enjoy your stay at the Native Place guest house, meet interesting people, learn and participate in exciting adventure sports like Flying Fox, Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Rappelling, Jummarring, Valley Crossing, Ropes course, Outdoor survival and other team games. On offer is also delicious home cooked meals and refreshing activities like “Listening to Nature” and “Journey to the Heart of Nature”.

Here is another top place for team outing activities. Another classic hill-station very close to Mumbai, Matheran is a no-vehicle zone to keep it calm and pollution-free. It is very famous for its narrow-gauge toy train. Indulge in waterfall rappelling at the Kondana Caves Waterfall or trek to the Chanderi Caves, Peb or the Kalavantin Pinnacle. There are several adventure camps for corporate folks that offer outbound activities in the town. If you are looking for something a little less adventurous, you can ride on horseback and visit the various points around town that offer some gorgeous views. Soak in the scenic surroundings and the fresh, clean air at one of the luxury hotels and just de-stress and unwind. Pure, unadulterated fun – that’s what Matheran is! Source: https://www.corporatecompass.in/.