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Wadi Walk: Dubai Real Estate Investment

Walk into a world where the future merges with tradition, and the simple life merges with vibrancy and magnitude. Walk into a world of wonder, class and sophistication, walk into Wadi Walk!


The water reflects a majestic atmosphere of attractive retail shops and outdoor cafes. Wadi Walk offers a comfortable community blending timeless Mediterranean architecture into ultra-modern Dubai. It will be comprised of a series of luxurious ultra modern low rise residential buildings that will offer 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom apartments in addition to Duplexes and Triplexes. Wadi Walk is the perfect complement to the beautiful lush greenery, enchanting gardens and gracefully flowing waterways filled with electrically powered riverboats. Wadi Walk is perfectly located in the magical City of Arabia, Dubailand.


The ground floor of the residences will consist of retail outlets, cafes, restaurants and convenience stores. Wadi Walk contains 6 retail zones, each zone will provide retail space for services, fashion brands, general retail, cafes & restaurants with additional outdoor seating next to the Wadi Waters offering a choice of International cuisine. The outside will consist of shady walk-ways along the canal, furnished with sun-shades and trees, with plenty of room to sit, stroll and relax. All aspects of a eco-friendly, stress-free environment have been meticulously planned out. Motor vehicles will be strictly kept to the back of the apartment blocks, boats on the canal will be electrically powered water-taxis to eliminate noise and pollution, and many more thoughtful features.


Salient Features of Wadi Walk:

  • Luxurious finishing for the main entrance and main corridors.
  • Mediterranean architecture into ultra-modern Dubai
  • Attractive retail shops, outdoor cafes & stylish apartments
  • Professionally landscaped and maintained surroundings
  • Convenient covered parking
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Quality amenities and finishing throughout
  • Easy access to the Mall through the Wadi (Water Taxi’s)
  • One Car Parking for each apartment


Wadi Walk

Number of Apartments: 1600

Size of Apartments

One bedroom: 1010 sq. ft

Two bedroom: 1584 sq. ft

Three bedroom: 2198 sq. ft

Four bedroom: 3168 sq. ft

Duplex: 3266 sq. ft

Triplex: 5461 sq. ft


Retail Outlets: Over 1000 (depending on the configuration). All freehold.

Average size: 1000 sq. ft


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